A weighty issue: get your pooch assessed plus a trial bag of Royal Canin Satiety

A weighty issue: get your pooch assessed plus a trial bag of Royal Canin Satiety
Join the Royal Canin team at our drive-in weight assessment clinic – all medium & large breed dogs welcome (10kgs+).

Did you know global pet obesity statistics indicate nearly 1 in 2 dogs are overweight or obese? Obesity in pets can lead to a range of health concerns, and larger breed dogs are no exception!

 National research commissioned by Royal Canin late last year indicated:

  • Half of all cats and dogs are above their recommended body weight, despite majority (87%) of pet parents thinking their pet is not overweight
  • One-in-three admit to being unable to correctly check if their pet is overweight
  • One-in-four believe finding the right food is the most difficult part about managing their pet's weight

Join the veterinary animal health team on Sunday 5th March from 10am – 2pm at 452 Tauwhare Road, Matangi 3284. Our experts will complete a weight assessment on your dog (medium to large breeds). If your family pet is eligible, you will also receive a trial bag of ROYAL CANIN Satiety to kick off the weight loss journey. Please ensure all dogs are on a lead (we’ll take care of the rest!).

 After this initial assessment with our team, we recommend working with your veterinarian on a weight management plan that includes daily exercise and portion control.

 Royal Canin Scientific Services Veterinarian Dr Corey Regnerus says overweight/obese pets are commonly seen in veterinary practices across Australia and New Zealand.

 “Excess kilos matter. Similar to human health, diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions and excess pressure on joints/bones is commonly seen in clinical practice.”

 “Nutritional management is a central component of a complete healthcare plan for pets and integral to a pet’s longevity and quality of life,” Dr Regnerus added.

 Royal Canin’s prescription diets are specifically designed to help safely reduce and manage your pet's weight and pesky begging while still delivering all the nutrients they need.   

 “Come and talk to the team this Sunday. This is a topical issue, and we’re here to support pet owners with all their questions, including offering a trial big bag of Satiety to kick-start the weight loss journey.”