Portuguese Warren Hound - Portuguese Podengo adult black and white

Portuguese Warren Hound - Portuguese Podengo

With three sizes, two types of hair texture, a whole pallette of coat colours. What you are always guaranteed is an energetic dog with heaps of intelligence.

About the Portuguese Warren Hound - Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Warren Hound - Portuguese Podengos are well-proportioned medium-sized dogs with good muscles and strong bones. Always on the go, these lively little dogs are undemanding and hardy.

They are bred to work on any type of terrain, although they also prove to be excellent watchdogs.

Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Breed specifics

FCI Group 5, AKC Miscellaneous Class
Size category
Avg life expectancy
12–14 years

Lively / Intelligent / Alert

Key facts

  • Requires minimal grooming
  • Makes a great family dog
  • Needs a lot of physical and mental exercise