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We do not carry any invasive, pain-inducing and stress-inducing studies.
Our goal is to gather data from cats and dogs that represent home living. 
In Europe, we have two kennel and cattery facilities. The environment mimics home living. We offer our cats and dogs indoor and outdoor space, daily human companionship, grooming, veterinary care, training, and an adoption program. The tests conducted are all external, including the palatability and digestibility test. 

We also test our pet food through reputable breeders all around the world.

Royal Canin Malaysia import pork free formula for cats. However most of our normal cat products in Malaysia do not contain pork. You may find pork in some of our therapeutic products, pork may be necessary to produce a precise nutrition profile.
These therapeutic products require registered veterinarian’s recommendation. You can easily identify the content as it is stated clearly on the packaging
Dogs and especially cats can reject a new pet food. At least seven to ten days are required for the transition. An abrupt change can cause diarrhea and gas.
To transition, new food can be mixed with old food at increasing amounts.
You can make your pet food if you know the exact nutrients your pet needs. Our products are developed based on research and feedback from breeders, clinics, and consumers. Hence, our kibbles are complete and balanced in nutrition. 
You can find this date at the back of our dry food and at the bottom of our canned food. This date indicates the shelf life of the food.
“BEST BY 02162011 12:17” means this food is suitable to feed before 16th of February in the year of 2011. The time of packaging for this food is at 12:17 noon.
This number series allow us to track your product inquiry.
Our dry food has a shelf life of one year. Our canned food has a shelf life of two years. 
Both places share similar products. 
A veterinary clinic may carry a wider range of therapeutic products to address your pet’s health condition. 
Our extensive research makes our products excellent. This is why our products are specialized to a cat’s or dog’s size, age, lifestyle, and down to its breed. We focus more on pets than consumers in developing our products. 

You can refer to our Product Page.
If your pet is sick with a special condition, please see a veterinarian. 


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