Urinary care for dogs

Support your dog with high-quality nutrients crafted to create a less favourable environment for the formation of crystals and stones in the urinary tract.

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Urinary dilution increased by 21%

Our Urinary Care range has been scientifically proven to increase the dilution of dogs’ urine by 21% compared to regular mini adult food. This research was carried out at the Royal Canin kennels in France.

The nutrition of urinary care

If your dog’s urine becomes too concentrated, minerals can form crystals that lead to painful stones. Our smart kibble formula encourages your dog to drink more water, which rinses its bladder and dilutes the urine to create a less favourable environment for crystals and stones. While our paté formula has a high moisture content to also help dilute your dog’s urine. Our Urinary Care range is nutritionally complete and contains 100% of the high-quality protein, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals your dog needs for overall health and well being.

Urinary Care

Our crunchy kibbles are designed to fit between the teeth of dogs of all sizes. They offer all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet while also encouraging your dog to drink more water. Our wet food range is nutritionally complete and a perfect complement to our dry kibbles. It has a high moisture content to help dilute urine, and by mixing wet and dry foods you can add variety and texture to your dog’s diet.

Urinary care tips

A few hints and tips to help keep your dog’s urinary system healthy.


Make sure your dog always has access to fresh, clean water. If you’re going out in hot weather, or you’re out exercising your dog, it’s best to take a bottle of water and a bowl.

Siberian Husky standing outdoors drinking from a white bowl.
Jack Russell Terrier walking outside in a garden

Toilet breaks

It’s important your dog has chance to urinate regularly, as the longer urine sits in the bladder the more chance there is for problems to arise. If you’re going out for a long time, remember to arrange for someone to let your dog out.


Good grooming isn’t just about your dog looking good – it helps to keep them healthy too. If your dog’s genital area is kept clean with good grooming, it will help to prevent a urinary tract infection, which can be painful for them.

Golden Retriever standing outside being brushed by female owner.