Rafeiro do Alentejo adult black and white

Rafeiro of Alentejo

There are so many things that make this breed special. Take a closer look, for instance, and you’ll see that its pink skin is dappled with black.

About the Rafeiro of Alentejo

These giant, strong dogs are hardy and sober. The general impression is slightly convex, with more length than breadth.

Also known as Portuguese Mastiffs, they are outstanding homestead guard dogs as well as being very well suited to protecting livestock, especially at night. During daylight hours, they are less alert, but they are still menacing if they come across any uninvited visitors.

Source: key facts and characteristics sourced from Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Breed specifics

FCI Group 2, AKC Foundation Stock Service
Size category
Avg life expectancy
10–12 years

Independent / Quiet / Even-tempered / Sociable / Confident / Calm

Key facts

  • Makes a great guard dog
  • Requires moderate grooming
  • Obedience training is essential

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