Let's talk Podenco Canarios

An intelligent, devoted dog who's gentle with kids once trained, the Podenco Canario is blessed with bundles of enthusiasm, they are playful and energetic so are most content in a household with a yard where they can stretch their legs properly. This elegant breed forms close bonds with all members of their family. They are openly affectionate and appreciate any affection you show them in return. The Podenco Canario tends to be wary towards strangers, which makes them good watch dogs as well.

Official name: Podenco Canario

Other names: Canary Warren Hounds

Origins: Canary Islands, Spain

Close-up of Podenco Canario in black and white
 Drooling tendencies:

Warm weather?
 Shedding level: Medium
Suited to apartment living?  Medium
 Physical activity needs (high, low, medium): Moderate Kid-friendly? 

 Compatibility with other pets:
Can stay alone? Very low

We advise against leaving pets alone for long stretches.
Companionship can prevent emotional distress and destructive behaviour.
Speak to your veterinarian for recommendations.
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Illustration of Podenco Canario
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16 - 20 kg translations.feature.breeds.weight
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 Baby age  Birth to 2 months
 Puppy age  2 to 15 months
 Adult age  15 to 5 years
 Mature age  5 to 8 years
 Senior age  from 8 years


Get to know the Podenco Canario

All you need to know about the breed

Hailing from the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa, the lean, refined Podenco Canario is an independent, reserved dog. Also curious, they simply need to find their confidence in order to get over their shyness. Their gentle demeanour, playfulness and energy make them perfect companions to children once properly trained. Due to the Podenco Canarios’ sensitivity, however, it's important to teach your kids how to approach, touch and play nicely with them. The breed may be tempted to instinctively chase smaller animals, so familiarise them with other family pets while they're puppies.

Though slender and slightly built, Podenco Canarios are capable of great speed and have excellent stamina. They do well in an active household – preferably with an enclosed yard. They'd enjoy coming along on your jog or bike ride, and can keep going for long periods of time, seemingly with little exertion. A smart breed, physical activity is not enough to keep them content – they also need mental stimulation in order to prevent boredom. If understimulated they could find another outlet for their energy, like digging up the garden or chewing up the furniture, so give your dog the opportunity to use their brain in a variety of activities. Once you find that sweet spot, you will have a delightful companion.


2 facts about Podenco Canarios

1. The family attention seeker

Don’t be fooled by the Podenco Canario’s reservedness around strangers – these pups are known to have oodles of clowning in them. They will keep you entertained – often doing whatever it takes to get your attention.

2. Three peas in a pod

Those unfamiliar with this breed could easily confuse them with the Ibizan Hound or the Pharaoh Hound, who are widely thought to be related. The differences in appearance are almost imperceivable. The main distinguishing factor is the geographical origin of each breed.


History of the breed

Podenco means Hound in Spanish, and, as the name implies, this breed hails from the Canary Islands. Opinions are divided when it comes to its origins. Though it's impossible to confirm, some experts believe the Podenco Canario descended from ancient Egyptian dogs, thanks to their striking resemblance to the sighthounds featured on ancient Egyptian tombs. It's believed that they arrived alongside Phoenician traders in Roman times. Though there is some evidence to suggest the breed has existed for more than 7,000 years, it only appeared on the Canary Islands 500 years ago, when early ancestors are thought to have been imported from the Iberian Peninsula by Mediterranean merchants. Due to the rocky volcanic terrain of the islands, the dogs developed unusually shaped, cat-like paws with hardened pads, over the years.

Not currently recognised by the American Kennel Club, they are however recognised by the UK Kennel Club within the Sighthound and Pariah group and have been granted recognition as a primitive breed by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Podenco Canario puppy in black and white


From head to tail

Physical characteristics of Podenco Canarios

1. Body

Slender frame, lean, well-developed muscles.

2. Head

Long, cone-shaped heads, dark amber eyes, with large pointed ears.

3. Coat

Short, dense, smooth, white and red coat.

Close-up of Podenco Canario looking behind in front of rocks


Things to look out for

From specific breed traits to a general health overview, here are some interesting facts about your Podenco Canario
Podenco Canario standing on dirt in front of boulders


Caring for your Podenco Canario

Grooming, training and exercise tips

Their short, smooth coats make Podenco Canarios a low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. A brush or a wiping down with a chamois once a week should be enough to keep them looking clean and shiny. Feeding them a good quality diet will also ensure the coat maintains its natural shine. Check ears for strands of hair and debris, as these dogs are susceptible to ear infections, and brush teeth often – ideally daily if you can – to avoid dental problems. Trim nails regularly. Though Podenco Canarios are intelligent they're also independent-minded, which can make them a bit stubborn at times, so they benefit from an owner with experience. If you start firm and consistent obedience training at an early age, your dog will learn to roll over and give paw in no time. A positive and reward-focused approach is recommended.


All about Podenco Canarios

Smart, curious and canine-clownish with a persistent focus, these dogs have a profound awareness of their surroundings and a sensitivity to their humans. If your Podenco starts chewing on furniture, they’re not deliberately misbehaving – they’re simply communicating that they’re bored and need more mental stimulation.

Podenco Canarios are rarely aggressive towards people. However, one can imagine that a traumatised or abused dog, when cornered, could attack to defend themselves. This is, of course, true of any breed. Dogs should always be treated with respect.


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