Let's talk Cesky Fouseks

The Cesky Fousek is one unique breed of dog. Developed in the Czech Republic and almost exclusively found there, they are both beautiful and reliable, steadfast sidekicks to those who enjoy field sports or would simply like to have a great pet in their home. Their mild temperament makes the Cesky Fousek dog super for families. So devoted is the dog that their preferred activity is pretty much anything you’re doing. The Cesky Fousek’s exquisite patterned coat and fetching beard and mustache make for a delightful dog all around

Official name: Cesky Fousek

Other names: Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Rough-Coated Bohemian Pointer

Origins: Czech Republic

Close-up of Cesky Fousek turned away from camera in black and white
 Drooling tendencies:


Warm weather? Medium
 Shedding level: Medium
Suited to apartment living? 
 Energy Level (high, low, medium) *: High Family pet?* 

 Compatibility with other pets: Low
Can stay alone?* Very low

 * We advise against leaving pets alone for long stretches. Companionship can prevent emotional distress and destructive behaviour. Speak to your veterinarian for recommendations.

Every pet is different, even within a breed; this snapshot of this breed’s specifics should be taken as an indication.

For a happy, healthy and well-behaved pet, we recommend educating and socialising your pet as well as covering their basic welfare, social and behavioural needs.

Pets should never be left unsupervised with a child.

All domestic pets are sociable and prefer company. However, they can be taught to cope with solitude from an early age. Seek the advice of your veterinarian or trainer to help you do this.

Spider chart of Cesky Fousek characteristics
Illustration of Cesky Fousek
60 - 66 cm translations.feature.breeds.height
28 - 34 kg translations.feature.breeds.weight
58 - 62 cm translations.feature.breeds.height
22 - 28 kg translations.feature.breeds.weight


 Baby age: Birth to 2 months
 Puppy age: 2 to 15 months
 Adult age: 15 months to 5 years
 Mature age: 5 to 8 years
 Senior age: From 8 years

Two Cesky Fousek dogs running through water


Get to know the Cesky Fousek

All you need to know about the breed

Curious minds will ask if that’s a German Wirehaired Pointer at the end of your leash or a ... Although the resemblance is extremely striking, the Cesky Fousek is very much their own breed and a rare one at that: They are hard to find in many countries outside of the Czech Republic. Look for a specialised breeder if you’d like to add this unique canine to your home.

The Cesky Fousek has a huge desire to please and responds very well to training but at times can be a bit stubborn if they want their way. They can be sensitive too (read: A softie) so sometimes patience will be needed in order to bring the best behaviour out of your Cesky Fousek.

Despite their start as a sport dog, the Cesky Fousek is fairly low-maintenance and a contented dog all around. Loyalty is characteristic here. The Cesky Fousek is easily gratified, whether with family or out in the field. With their sporting beginnings, they’re known to playfully nip at those they need to corral. Fear not, your Cesky Fousek is merely trying to make sure that the pack stays together.

Cesky Fousek sitting in front of a lake looking behind


2 facts about Cesky Fouseks

1. Giving voice to it

A fairly vocal breed, the Cesky Fousek will alert owners to any odd sounds or unusual happenings. While that can be a beneficial trait in the right circumstance, the breed is known to howl, an instinctual response from being in the field from way back. A Cesky Fousek then may not be the best move if you live in close proximity to the neighbours.

2. They have needs

As breeds go, the Cesky Fousek is one that likes their humans close. They’re jubilant when in a pack – whether animal or not – but don’t cope well if left alone for too long. This is truly a rustic dog who has a real desire for exploration and as much outdoor time as they can get—with you by their side, of course.


History of the breed

The loyal Cesky Fousek has a long history in their homeland – formerly Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic – and in central Europe, although it’s not certain just how many centuries back the breed dates. A notable mention of them was made in 1883 by Josef Vilém Černý in a field sport handbook where he spoke of the dog’s admirable pointing ability.

As a rough-and-tumble, wire-haired sport dog, the breed quickly gained popularity over the ages, but came close to extinction after WWI. Thanks to the founding of the Association for the Wire-Haired Pointer Cesky Fousek in 1924, the breed was revived and went on to many more fruitful years. Today’s dog remains widely used in the field and equally valued as a family companion.

The Cesky Fousek‘s breed standard was established in 1931. They were recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1963 and by the American Kennel Club in 1996.

Close-up of Cesky Fousek in black and white


From head to tail

Physical characteristics of Cesky Fouseks

1. Head

Velvety ears, medium-to-large, draping aside face.

2. Coat

Wiry coat characterised by bushy facial hair.

3. Body

Medium-sized, wiry muscular body, athletic breed.

Close-up of Cesky Fousek with tongue out


Things to look out for

From specific breed traits to a general health overview, here are some interesting facts about your Cesky Fousek
Side view of Cesky Fousek dog with one leg up


Caring for your Cesky Fousek

Grooming, training and exercise tips

The Cesky Fousek‘s coarse coat has had some calling them the Rough-Coated Bohemian Pointer. It’s fairly durable, requiring little grooming. Weekly brushing is sufficient to keep your Cesky Fousek looking best. Regular walking and exercise will wear down their nails but check their length frequently and trim as needed. Ensuring your dog isn’t overweight and keeping them exercised will reduce joint problems. Clean their ears and eyes routinely and brush their teeth daily, where possible, a must for proper dental health. For the Cesky Fousek, exercising is a breeze. Being outside is second-nature to this spirited breed, from way back when. Get ready for lots of activity: The Cesky Fousek breed is best for owners who like to be very active as well. This is a great dog for use in agility and sporting competitions as well, with energy that’s fairly non-stop. Given their go-go attitude, you can guess that such a vigorous breed would have a need to please, and the Cesky Fousek does. Training them is, in a word, easy since they learn commands quickly with their adaptable and eager temperament.


All about Cesky Fouseks

Great with children, once they are trained, as well as other household pets, the Cesky Fousek dog has a reputation as a fantastic family breed. They are known for their easy-going and friendly demeanour. They are very responsive and adaptable, a breed that really thrives by their human's side.

The Cesky Fousek is one! This charming characteristic makes the breed instantly recognisable, although they can readily be confused with the German Wirehaired Pointer or the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, both very similar in appearance and both sporting facial hair commonly found on wirehairs. Look for a longer mustache however on the Cesky Fousek, along with a slightly wider skull.


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