Cats savor more than just flavor

Royal Canin was chosen first by cats.*

Cats chose the featured Royal Canin diets first over comparable diets by leading competitors.* See the choice for yourself.

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*Cats chose the featured Royal Canin diets first over comparable diets by leading competitors. Leading competitors based in part on data reports by
Nielsen through Scantrack Service for the Cat Food category for the 52 week period ending 8/5/2017, for the Total US market and Pet Specialty channel, according to the Royal Canin product hierarchy. Copyright© 2017, The Nielsen Company.

What makes your cat's food tasty?

The right nutrients

Cats have unique nutritional needs. The ideal combination of nutrients, including higher levels of protein to meet their needs, can help make a diet more instinctively appealing to them.


What does the food smell like? You want to make sure the food is aromatic and fresh and not past its “best by” date!

Kibble Shape & Size

How big are the kibble pieces? Are they too small, and your cat just swallows them whole? Or are they too big, and thus too hard to chew?

How your cat feels after they eat it

How your cat feels after a meal can impact her appetite. A special balance of macronutrients helps your cat feel her best after she eats.


How do the kibble pieces feel
in their mouths?


Does it taste good? Flavor is one factor that impacts acceptance.

Find a store near you

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What makes Royal Canin different?

  • Nutritional philosophy based on the science of nutrients over ingredients
  • Product philosophy of precise nutrition for size, lifestyle, breed and therapeutic condition
  • Founded by a veterinarian, ROYAL CANIN® continues to involve the veterinary community, employing a large network of veterinarians and specialists worldwide
  • ROYAL CANIN® diets are manufactured exclusively in company-owned plants
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed for palatability and digestibility

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