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Canine Care Nutrition program

Poskytuje zdravú a vyváženú výživu vďaka perfektnej kombinácii našich suchých a vlhkých receptúr.

Overweight dogs often suffer from the strain that the extra pounds put on their joints. Lighten your dog’s load with high-quality nutrients specially designed to help maintain an ideal bodyweight. ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care Loaf is suitable for dogs of all sizes that are prone to weight gain. Rich in highly digestible proteins, this extra-tasty recipe helps to make sure your dog maintains a healthy muscle mass, it also has a reduced fat and calorie content. To avoid the health complications that go with unwanted excess weight, ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care Loaf is formulated with an optimal combination of soluble and insoluble fibers to help your dog feel full. Amongst the other beneficial nutrients, this formula is rich in the Omega 3 group of fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. These nutrients perform anti-inflammatory action, whilst also helping to support your dog’s joints. What’s more, ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care Loaf also ensures a regular and healthy transit for better digestion. In addition to this delicious pâté, our Light Weight Care nutritional program is also available as crunchy kibble. Both are nutritionally complete and perfectly complement each other. Why not try the pâté as a delicious topping to the kibble?


Discover now the perfect tool to calculate the ideal ration for your pet. Fill in your pet's information in the interactive feeding guide and you will get the daily feeding recommendation.

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Doplnkové látky(na 1 kg): Výživné doplnkové látky: Vitamín D3: 130 IU, E1 (Železo): 6 mg, E2 (Jód): 0,3 mg, E4 (Meď): 2,7 mg, E5 (Mangán): 1,7 mg, E6 (Zinok): 17 mg - Technologické doplnkové látky: Klinoptilolit sedimentárneho pôvodu: 2 g.

Analytické zložky: Bielkoviny: 8,7 % - Oleje a tuky: 2,3 % - Popol: 1,7 % - Vláknina: 1,7 % - Vlhkosť: 81,0 %.
Hmotnosť psaKapsičky
5 kg5 + 1/2
10 kg9
20 kg15

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