Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound adult standing

Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound

For centuries, the breed was caught in the middle of a disagreement between dog fanciers, which meant that the standard was not recognised in France until 1978.

About the Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound

These well balanced, solidly built dogs are never heavy. Viewed from above, they closely resemble other French hounds. Both the United Kingdom and France have a rich tradition of game dogs.

The Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound is the result of exchanges between the two countries that go back centuries. Unfortunately, the breed was long regarded as a pariah by many dog fanciers and it owes its recognition to a number of dedicated breeders. Nowadays, it is widely used to hunt hares, wolves and wild boar.

Source : faits et caractéristiques clés provenant de la Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

Particularités de la race

FCI Group 6
Catégorie de taille
Races de taille moyenne
Espérance de vie moyenne
11–13 ans

Dynamique / Fidèle / Indépendant

Faits marquants

  • Requires minimal grooming
  • Doux avec les enfants
  • Needs a lot of exercise

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