Limita el aumento de peso

Un elevado contenido de proteínas* (30%) ayuda a mantener la masa muscular y un bajo contenido en grasas* (11%) ayuda a limitar el aumento de peso. Una combinación óptima de fibras solubles e insolubles hará que se sienta saciado, mientras que los grasos omega 3 favorecen un movimiento articular saludable. Nutrición completa, apetecible y saciante que mantiene a tu perro esbelto y sus articulaciones saludables.

¿Qué más puedes hacer por tu perro?

¿Qué más puedes hacer por tu perro? Haz que tu perro se mantenga activo paseando con él, o jugando en el parque o en casa. Usa croquetas de su ración como premio, en lugar de darle snacks. Y, lo más importante, sigue las pautas de alimentación del envase. Si tienes alguna pregunta o duda relacionada con la salud de tu perro, contacta con tu veterinario.

Many domestic pets are overweight and suffer from extra strain on their joints, as well as on their overall health. Get your dog lean with complete, delicious and hunger-satisfying nutrition. ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care Mini is suitable for dogs that currently weigh up to 10kg. This tasty recipe is rich in highly digestible proteins, to make sure your dog maintains muscle mass while reducing his fat and calorie intake. To help your pet stay lighter on his paws and avoid the health complications that go with the extra pounds, this formula is crafted with radically less dietary fat. An optimal combination of soluble and insoluble fibers helps your dog feel full. It also ensures a regular and healthy transit, plus a better digestion. Amongst the Omega 3 group of fatty acids’ many qualities is its anti-inflammatory action. This formula is rich in the valuable long-chained Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which help support your dog’s joints. Our Light Weight Care nutritional program has two components available: crunchy kibble and a delicious pâté in a pouch, both are nutritionally complete and perfectly complement each other. Why not try the pâté as a delicious topping to the kibble? Don’t just take our word for it, scientifically tested at the Royal Canin kennels, ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care Mini contains 31% less fat than regular adult food. This means that ROYAL CANIN® Light Weight Care Mini’s results are a proven success.


Discover now the perfect tool to calculate the ideal ration for your pet. Fill in your pet's information in the interactive feeding guide and you will get the daily feeding recommendation.


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